Second time around.


Was second time around like going to the loo?  No.  It was not.  However, was it better than my first time?  Yes, it was.  I was induced with Ethan and ended up with an epidural and plenty of gross stuff going on in-between – it was a horrible experience.

With Oliver, I went into natural labour and had gas and air only when I was nearly ready to push.  Actually I got to the point where I asked for an epidural, the midwife left me to go sort it out, and when she came back in I was pushing!  The two best parts about it were that I actually got the urge to push (it took three contractions and he was out, 11 minutes to be precise – holy shitballs was it painful), AND I got skin to skin with him immediately, he stayed on my chest for over an hour, it was amazing.  How I thought it would be the first time around.

The after birth was not ideal as I was taken into theatre and was dealt with under general anaesthetic, which I was actually please about because I do not want any recollection as to what they did to me in there.  I lost a lot of blood too which made me feel like crap for a couple of weeks as well.  Blood loss tiredness on top of new baby tiredness equals a whole new level of tiredness.  I didn’t drive for over a week purely because I didn’t feel safe behind the wheel – you wouldn’t have wanted me on the roads.

I never felt the pain of pushing the first time, and I’m so increadibly happy I got to actually experience a natural childbirth this time around, it is an amazing experience and its what we are built to do.  Was it the most painful thing I have ever experienced? Yes it was….

Am I going to do it again?  Am I f**k.


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