Sick while looking after a toddler

IMG_6711I’ve had more than my fair share of sickness this winter.  Since December I’ve been struck down with two colds that have been dragged out over a week, two stomach bugs (bed/bathroom ridden) and the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my adult life which lasted seven days, (WTF?).  I’m done.  This week I’m jetting off to warmer climbs across the pond and I can’t bloody wait.

I know its winter and we all get colds etc but to spend five weeks out of the last ten sick? OVER IT.  I blame my toddler for this.  He started nursery two days a week in September – he loves it and I love it.  Nursery is great for him as he gets to play and be interactive with other kids all day, and as a bonus they deal with the messy play that I can’t stand, (playing with water, flour, paint etc).  Him interacting with others his age is very important to me but it comes at a price.  He brings home so many germs its insane.  I know its building his immune system but its shot mine to shit.

Yes I get my one cold per winter like most but to be ill this much is just appalling!  Its also a massive waste of time as theres not much I can do while I’m ill.  See normally I would rest up for a couple of days, take it easy at work or if really bad take a sick day and be on the mend pretty swiftly.

Throw a toddler into the mix.

Rest is out of the question unless its a nursery day or a weekend.  But in my case, illness seems to hit me the evening before I have two full days of parenting ahead of me.  Of course theres no time to rest as I’m trying to keep myself conscious enough to look after my toddler.  So as the two days of parenting draw to a close I’m at my lowest sick point and by the time nursery day rolls around all the lists of work/jobs/blogs/etc just slip slowly away.  Sods law rears its ugly head and I always get a lot of work calls during this time which need to be dealt with immediately.  Why does the universe work that way? 

I cram a lot into my nursery days, I love the time to crack on with everything I need to get done, and I love being able to eat my lunch in one sitting, in peace.  I even have afternoon tea and biscuits if I’m at home.  I have missed / wasted a number of these days over the winter due to said illnesses and it infuriates me.

I know I have another cold as I’m writing this, but I’m very grateful it came when it did, right before a weekend so my lovely husband is around to look after our boy while I have rested all weekend.  After a very attractive coughing fit last night, I actually am on the mend and think I’ll be nearly 100% tomorrow ready for the week ahead.  Its amazing what a couple of days rest can do for the body.

How to survive being sick with a toddler:

1 – Don’t leave the house because you’ll feel much worse having to deal with your toddler in public than at home.

2 – Kids TV.  Yes it’ll be on all day, whatever, it keeps them quiet for most of the part while you nap on the sofa.  Also a good time to bust out the Disney films as they are far more entertaining to watch than Mr. Tumble.

3 – Beans on toast lunch.  Easy food to whip up that doesn’t require any effort or brain power.

4 – Clean / tidy.  This won’t exist while you’re ill.  Save it until you’re better.

5 – Apologise to your partner and explain that they will need to organise dinner that evening as you’re dying.

PS. Don’t forget that you’ve caught these germs from your toddler in the first place, so there will be time taken up with looking after them either before or after your illness as well!  Happy days. 

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