Useless Technology

When technology doesn’t work, its completely useless.  My iPhone 5s (only aprox six months old) has just completely failed on me.  When I turn it off and then back on again, it goes from the startup white screen with an apple, to a bright blue screen to a black screen.. WTF?  

This all started during an update (after I had luckily backed up everything on my mac).  It kept then telling me I had to restore my iPhone (about five times over!), which I did, and now my phone has died.  So there you have it, a lovely newish iPhone 5s thats completely useless.  Grrrrrrr  But got my Genius Bar appointment already booked in to fix up my little piece of tech. 

On the upside, I can only be contacted when I feel like it – when I log onto my laptop to see what messages have come through on the various social media outlets.  So a quiet remainder of the weekend is to be had, see ya xx

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