My Beauty Regime! Part 3: Bikini Body

Most of you will know that I love my bikinis!  I love spending time in them, probably more because it means the suns out.. but I really just enjoy being fit, healthy and happy! At any one time I think I have about 50 bikinis in my wardrobe, so I have to keep my body ready for them otherwise they’d go to waste!


546328_10100946424843853_640629696_nSo being a girl, its socially unacceptable in most countries to have any unruly hair on any part of your body apart from your head, which of course must look fabulous darrrrling (refer to my hair blog for the low down on my mane).  I shaved my legs for about 10 years, and did this nearly everyday, which was so dull so I looked for alternative methods.  I resorted to full leg waxes every three weeks which was painful and quite pricey.  I even tried the ‘painless home kits’ but they are really quite tricky!  I have happily turned to epilating!  Its a little machine that pulls out hair without taking off the top layer of skin (like waxing does – strips the tan off!).  Obviously its not pain free but it gets easier over time.. I use it for my legs (full),942654_537401319629809_432850487_n bikini line (waxing or hair removing cream can aid this) which can both be done every 2 weeks and underarms which I do aprox every 5 days as it picks up the tiniest of hairs, simples!

I like to have soft skin so I moisturise my body twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  It might seem like a hassle but it gives you softer skin and also increases the blood flow around your body as you massage the lotion in, so it gives you a bit of a boost!  If you spend a little more time on any problem areas it can really help these too.  I focus on my thighs and bum to ward off any signs of cellulite.

430899_465918563444752_1204313870_nI love tanning but you have to protect your body from sun damage though.  I usually cover my face with sun glasses and a hat on the beach as I get enough sun on my face while surfing and/or wake boarding, but I still wear factor 50SPF to prevent wrinkles and further damage.  On my body, I’ll wear 15SPF or 50SPF depending on what I’m doing, how hot it is and how long I’ll be out in the sun.  Protect yourself!

My next Beauty Blog will be on fitness! 🙂

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